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Life Changing


I want to be honest with you, I am not about quick fixes and band aids. This is about permanent solutions that last for life, it’s lifestyle not diet.

You’re an intelligent person and a problem solver. Sometimes we just have a blind spot where we can’t see ourselves clearly. There is no magic key, but there are small steps that will put you back in charge.

If I go back to my medical background, there is no point treating the symptom – we need to treat the cause, and that’s what the LCHF lifestyle does- it gets to the root cause I want you to live your best life and love the person looking back at you in the mirror.

4 Week Kickstart

Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

A 4 week online group programme using a 5 day meal plan to get you going, adding on new recipes and helping you build meal plans for food that is satisfying and healthy.

There will be a group call once a week for Q&A, wins and  challenges. This programme will really give you a great grounding on the LCHF lifestyle so you feel confident to carry on and see results

The 90 Day Blood Glucose Blueprint

This programme is delivered 1 to 1 online or in person, a great programme if you are committed to reversing your diabetes, focusing on your future and being in the best health. 

How? By getting to grips with the nutrition of the LCHF lifestyle, understanding how you can modify your meals to continue to meet your goals, finding out how other areas of your life impact on your blood glucose so you can become an expert on your own health.

There is only one person that can put you first – YOU! You are great at taking care of others, but it’s easy to let yourself slide and wonder why food calls to you and you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
I’m on your team, I’ve been there. Let’s talk.

Blood Glucose Blueprint

Yes, I'm ready to put myself first!


Frequently Asked Questions

We meet online using Zoom or Skype. Our meetings are totally private and confidential. No need to take notes – it’s all recorded for you.
You can be in your pj’s, sitting in your home, or away on business. I come to you. You just need a quiet, calm space where you are happy to talk freely

I create plans around your blockages, lifestyle and budget. I don’t have a price list, because honestly, one size really doesn’t fit all. 
I’m also determined that lack of budget doesn’t mean lack of help. I believe in you and your ability to change and will be flexible where I can be.

Once you decide to take action and make changes to your eating style you want to see results. I understand that, but (I know you could feel that ‘but’ coming…) it’s important that this isn’t a sprint. Most people I work with have tried diets in the past with lots of deprivation and any weight they’ve lost returning with friends. I actually get really angry about this, as it’s never about a lack of willpower or motivation. I want to be crystal clear – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! I want the changes to stick – so you and food are friends not living in a love/hate abusive relationship. Yes, you will see weight loss, but it will be on your schedule, and you aren’t going to lose it – who wants to find it again? You are going to bin it – it’s gone for good!
This is to make sure that we will work well together. Trust is so important. I need to be sure that we are the right match before I help you on your journey.
I make it simple. It is a simple link to click that will work on any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you can send an email you are already an expert!

I will be upfront with you here. When is the perfect time? Yes, there will be times where you just need to focus on the here and now, but usually this is coming from our internal beliefs “can I really do this?”, “what if it doesn’t work?”. Sometimes you just need to take the leap, what is your life going to look like in 10 years if you don’t take that first step? 

When you are ready, I’m here.