Do you have a health budget?

Do you have a health budget?

In the work that I do as a Wellbeing consultant, (coach, nutritional therapist and budding functional medicine practitioner), I often talk to people about their health. In fact, before I work with anyone, I’ll ask them how important it is to resolve their health problem. From experience I know that unless that score is 8 or above the potential client is not ready to work on the problem, get to the root cause and make some lifestyle changes. They are often surprised when I give them some questions to think about and suggest we speak in a week’s time.

It always makes me think about that phrase “Good health is priceless” because clearly there are times when it’s not. Lifestyle changes are well recognised now for being able to reverse some chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

There is a lot of information on the internet about how you can do it yourself if you want to research it. Or you might choose to work with a professional like me to support you through the processes to curate the material for you so it’s not so overwhelming; to give your support and accountability. Or you can pop along and see your friendly doctor and pop a pill and feel better.

So whichever way we do it there is a price; in our own time to research and put the steps into action, paying for a coach or a doctor or for the medication. Yes, we may have a budget and you can always find services to match your budget. If you had to buy a new carpet would you budget and save for it? Could you apply the same principle to your health?

I think there is a fundamental difference in how we view our health to anything else. So many will wait until their health is broken, instead of listening to the earning warning signs and taking action because we don’t really value our health until it’s gone. So many times, I’ve heard someone say I wish I’d done something earlier. Those regrets are often too late.

Isn’t it time to start investing in our health rather than our sickness and budget for the ongoing cost? We are happy to have our car serviced to keep it running but what about our mind and body?

We are MORE dependent on our mind and body for everyday life as we are our car. Just doing that little bit every day does take a bit of work, but it is so rewarding! Feeling our renewed health and not accepting that aging is synonymous with ill health. Knowing that in the long term that investment in our health will pay off.

A question I often ask clients is if you choose to stay here and make no changes, do you know what your health will be like in 2 years’ time? Maybe the time is now to sit down and budget for your health.