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Shelf care – or self care

Shelf – Care or self care? Shelf – Care or self care? I know you are all committed to your self-care . It’s part of your daily life to keep you in tip top physical and mental condition. But do you just accept that you’ve got where you want to be and sort of let things settle down only to realise that you’ve slipped into some bad habits or you’re not feeling too good? You may have become an avid reader of self-help books to help with healthy eating, mindfulness or the latest exercise trend. But after a while do


“It’s just the way I am”

“It’s just the way I am” “It’s just the way I am” Amongst other things, I’m a Pilates teacher and I had an appointment with a friend for a session. She texted me to cancel as she was feeling very under the weather, a recurrent bout of labyrinthitis. No problem. I wished her well and said we would re book when she was better. I saw her the following day and she looked washed out and pale. I remarked on this and she said that she forced herself to come out because she couldn’t sit still, she felt guilty doing