healthy eating
Health Eating

What is healthy eating?

What is healthy eating? What is healthy eating? ​I was in the supermarket the other day and I couldn’t help overhearing what a couple of women were talking about. And no, despite what people think I don’t check or judge what everyone has in their shopping trolley! They were saying that they really fancied some nice crunchy apples but there were no organic apples available, so they weren’t going to bother. What a shame you miss out of the pleasure and all the nutrients an apple can offer. There are also posts on social media about you should eat “that

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Health Eating

8 Tips for healthy eating

8 Tips for healthy eating 8 Tips for healthy eating ​I think when I say to most people that I’m a nutritional therapist they’re not quite sure what I do. That’s okay, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between a nutritionist, a nutritional therapist and a dietician. The training is different and the ethos behind each one is slightly different. The reason I decided to qualify as a nutritional therapist is really contained in the definition of a nutritional therapist. “Nutritional therapists work with individuals to alleviate and prevent illness and disease, as well as to promote