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When cortisol goes from good to bad

When cortisol goes from good to bad When cortisol goes from good to bad ​I’m going to tell you about a pretty incredible hormone in your body that helps you get up in the morning and start your day feeling energized! It also gives you the “juice” you need when you’re under any kind of threat, to either do battle or run away. But when you have too much of it surging through your body (due to too little sleep, too much stress, too much of the wrong kind of exercise, or health issues), it can do a HUGE number

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Shelf care – or self care

Shelf – Care or self care? Shelf – Care or self care? I know you are all committed to your self-care . It’s part of your daily life to keep you in tip top physical and mental condition. But do you just accept that you’ve got where you want to be and sort of let things settle down only to realise that you’ve slipped into some bad habits or you’re not feeling too good? You may have become an avid reader of self-help books to help with healthy eating, mindfulness or the latest exercise trend. But after a while do

Mental Health

A song which is proven to reduce anxiety

A song proven to reduce anxiety A song proven to reduce anxiety I’ve been sharing a lot of info with you about stress … and today I’ve got a song for you to listen to that is scientifically proven to help cut stress and reduce anxiety! For centuries, people have used music to calm, soothe, inspire, celebrate, and more – and you can put the power of music to work for you, too! If you’ve ever been to a spa or massage therapist, you already know the background music is a big part of the relaxation experience. And if you’ve


Do you have a health budget?

Do you have a health budget? Do you have a health budget? In the work that I do as a Wellbeing consultant, (coach, nutritional therapist and budding functional medicine practitioner), I often talk to people about their health. In fact, before I work with anyone, I’ll ask them how important it is to resolve their health problem. From experience I know that unless that score is 8 or above the potential client is not ready to work on the problem, get to the root cause and make some lifestyle changes. They are often surprised when I give them some questions


Should I go vegan?

Should I go vegan? Should I go vegan? This seems to be a question that I’m asked a lot recently, and I can’t answer that for you. A recent film on Netflix “The Gamechanger” has raised the profile of the benefits of Veganism and rolled it together with how bad meat is for you as well as blackmailing you on climate change and produced a lot of hype!! I watched and I thought it was a very well put together piece of entertainment, and that’s all it was. I was going to give you a lot of science behind the

Mental Health

Try these food hacks to reduce stress?

Try these food hacks to reduce stress Try these food hacks to reduce stress Did you know there are certain foods that can actually help you feel less stressed? It’s true! They have pretty incredible health benefits, plus they work with your body to help soothe anxiety, cut inflammation, and generally help you feel more “chill.” Are you ready? Here’s the list: 1. Foods High in Vitamin C: green chilli peppers, yellow bell peppers and cherries are top choices because they all contain a big infusion of this powerful vitamin. A study in the journal Psychopharmacology found that people who

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Health Eating

What is healthy eating?

What is healthy eating? What is healthy eating? ​I was in the supermarket the other day and I couldn’t help overhearing what a couple of women were talking about. And no, despite what people think I don’t check or judge what everyone has in their shopping trolley! They were saying that they really fancied some nice crunchy apples but there were no organic apples available, so they weren’t going to bother. What a shame you miss out of the pleasure and all the nutrients an apple can offer. There are also posts on social media about you should eat “that

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Health Eating

8 Tips for healthy eating

8 Tips for healthy eating 8 Tips for healthy eating ​I think when I say to most people that I’m a nutritional therapist they’re not quite sure what I do. That’s okay, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between a nutritionist, a nutritional therapist and a dietician. The training is different and the ethos behind each one is slightly different. The reason I decided to qualify as a nutritional therapist is really contained in the definition of a nutritional therapist. “Nutritional therapists work with individuals to alleviate and prevent illness and disease, as well as to promote


“It’s just the way I am”

“It’s just the way I am” “It’s just the way I am” Amongst other things, I’m a Pilates teacher and I had an appointment with a friend for a session. She texted me to cancel as she was feeling very under the weather, a recurrent bout of labyrinthitis. No problem. I wished her well and said we would re book when she was better. I saw her the following day and she looked washed out and pale. I remarked on this and she said that she forced herself to come out because she couldn’t sit still, she felt guilty doing