Nice to meet you...

I’ve always been driven to help others. It was my dream to be a doctor and help others live a healthy life and be there for them when they were ill. I didn’t look after myself very well in my early years as a junior doctor and it came as a bit of a bombshell when I ended up in a coma in hospital having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When the consultant told me, I vowed to be as well controlled as I could, but it hasn’t been easy. That was many years ago and in the early years dietary advice was poor to say the least!

I started on my quest to find a better way of living to maintain good control of my diabetes, always struggling with the idea that eating more carbohydrates and having more insulin just made me put on weight.

I trained as a nutritional therapist and health coach and have now undertaken specialist training in Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. For me it has been a life changer, allowing me to be active and fit. To manage my weight without feeling hungry all the time. And what’s really great is that I’ve worked with people just like you with type 2 diabetes to help them reduce their blood glucose so much that they stop medication.

As part of the UK Health Coaches Association, I follow the national framework (Scope of Practice) for Health and Wellness Coaching in the UK. These guidelines help to keep clients safe and informed throughout their journey. You can download the HCI Scope of Practice here.