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I’ve always been driven to help others. It was my dream to be a doctor and help others live a healthy life and be there for them when they were ill.

I guess I saw myself as superhuman and I definitely didn’t take my own advice. When I was struggling to keep up I thought that just meant I had to work harder and longer.

This was at the same time as being a homemaker and a wife. It all came to a head one afternoon, a phone call from an unhappy doctor that was venting their frustrations on me.

I put down the phone, packed up my desk and left the office, I didn’t realise at the time that I wouldn’t return.

I didn’t see what was happening, I hadn’t seen that I was burnt out and for the first time in my life, pushing myself harder and further wasn’t the answer.

I had a complete blindspot where my health and mental wellness was concerned. My totally supportive husband Paul, suggested a fresh start.

My family and friends had been ringing the alarm bells for years, but I wasn’t ready to listen. I was listening now!

We moved to the island of Alderney and I began the process of healing and getting my life back into balance.
It took my totally burning out and changing my life completely to realise what was important to me and how to live my best life.

I became determined to help others, I led myself to a breakdown, I wanted to use that experience to support others before their live’s imploded like mine.

Learning to help others was part of my journey to recovery and discovery. I love learning so I added to my skills as a doctor with further qualifications as a life coach, health coach and nutritional coach.

I love my work helping people go from feeling stressed to calm, seeing weight fall off naturally, smiling for no reason and enjoying life more.

You can be aspirational, successful and enjoy your life. But it is tricky to do alone, I act as a guide to help others find balance in all aspects of their lives.

Whether you feel that food is ruling you, or you’d like to feel calmer and happier, it is all connected and you can break free from the trap of feeling like you are running but getting nowhere. I did.



Jane was willing to help me find the things holding me back from reaching my goals without judgement and was a constant source of support and encouragement.

These have been the most valuable 90 days of my life.


Krys Kelley Page


I was very stressed and tired, finding it difficult to concentrate and get work done.
A year later, I am a different person. I've lost weight, I can deal with stress much better and, more importantly, I understand so much better the person that I am.
I am truly grateful to Jane!


Isabel Picornell ​


This was a revelation for me and it highlighted some areas where I recognised I needed to start working on.

Jane's background knowledge in medicine is something that really shone through

I totally recommend taking the

leap with Jane.


Sharon Brown


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