8 Tips for healthy eating

8 Tips for healthy eating

​I think when I say to most people that I’m a nutritional therapist they’re not quite sure what I do. That’s okay, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between a nutritionist, a nutritional therapist and a dietician. The training is different and the ethos behind each one is slightly different. The reason I decided to qualify as a nutritional therapist is really contained in the definition of a nutritional therapist.

Nutritional therapists work with individuals to alleviate and prevent illness and disease, as well as to promote good health, by making dietary recommendations. As a nutritional therapist, your focus is on the belief that there are nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that lead to ill health”

I’ve always loved and been fascinated by food, cooking, finding out a it, and using it to improve my own health. It was the keystone to helping me recover from burnout and depression- by giving my body the right nutrients to work with I was able to stop antidepressants and get back to living a full life.

It wasn’t the only step in my recovery, I then trained as a health coach and learnt a lot about holistic health and lifestyle hacks that could really improve things. I’ve always looked at my clients as a complete person, they are not a disease or a problem, their body is sending them a message that they have heard and now we have to work to find out what it needs to bring things back into balance. I believe that nutrition is a keystone to health but its only part of the whole structure of health.

So, what would be my key tips to eating to support your health?

  1. Ditch processed food as much as possible and eat fresh food, cooking from scratch. This will help you to 
  2. Reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates (sugars) in your diet and
  3. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates which contribute to insulin resistance
  4. Make sure you drink plenty of water
  5. Drink caffeine in moderation
  6. Eat as many vegetables as you can and always more portions of veg than fruit.
  7. Aim to eat healthily for 80% of the time. If you eat 3 meals a day that equates to 16 healthy meals a week!
  8. The others you can eat whatever you like!
  9. Give yourself time at mealtimes, relax and enjoy!